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FrostIron drabble

                “The famous Tony Stark doing the walk of shame,” Natasha announced with a flourish, seeing the man of iron walking groggily from the elevator into the common area. She was alone, presumably up early to catch the TV before Thor got up and insisted on watching sports all day. Tony grimaced.

                “It’s not a walk of shame if there was no sex involved,” he grumbled.

                The assassin’s eyebrows shot up. “You stayed the night without boning him? I’m impressed, Stark. I thought you fed off of sex.”

                “Hah! Yeah, see, it may take a lot, but some of us can control ourselves,” Tony replied. He obviously had had nothing to drink that morning and was rather irritable as a result. “Besides, maybe the god of lies has changed me.”

                A grin was playing at the corners of Natasha’s mouth. Clearly, she wasn’t buying any of the exchange. “I don’t believe it, Stark.”

                “You shouldn’t,” he laughed. “I’m lying through my teeth. He was fantastic, in case you were wondering.”

                The spider let out a chuckle, “No, I wasn’t wondering. Where is he, anyway? Surely you didn’t leave him? You’re living under the same roof, now.”

                “Nah, he’s in the shower. Said he’d be down soon,” Stark explained. Grabbing a glass from a cabinet behind his bar, he poured himself a glass of…Something. It was either regular orange juice, or some of the juice Clint had spiked with vodka the night before. He wasn’t sure.

                “You were talking about me?” a rather cheerful Asgardian asked from the elevator. Compared to Tony’s t-shirt and sweatpants, Loki looked very put together. He wore a simple green linen shirt and black jeans, but it was still more than Stark wore. He smiled, uncharacteristically cheerful.

                Natasha couldn’t hold back a snort. “You’re glowing, Loki.”

                He fixed wide, green eyes on her and tilted his head. “Am I?”

                “Don’t pay any attention to her. She’s just jealous because Barton couldn’t pick up on a hint to save all our lives,” Tony said, not without humor. He grinned at the assassin, only to receive a very rude gesture in return.

                The elevator chimed again, opening to reveal Bruce Banner and Thor. Seeing the three standing there, Loki basking in his own glow, Bruce rolled his eyes and grinned.

                “And why aren’t you two married yet?” he laughed.

                “You’re talking to the two most famous playboys in the galaxy, Dr. Banner,” Natasha reminded him.

                “Aye, neither of them would marry. Even if their lives depended on it,” Thor agreed, an unreadable expression crossing his usually happy face.

                “Why do you all have to bring that up?” Tony asked, feigning astonishment.

                “Because after four nights together, an Asgardian father would demand you marry his daughter,” Loki supplied. “Actually, after just one if you weren’t already married.”

                “Four? It’s only been four?” Tony genuinely was surprised then. He ran a hand through his messy hair. “We have some work to do, then.”

                “You really lost count already?” Bruce asked.

                “I lose count after once. They generally don’t come back after once,” Tony explained. He put down his glass and rubbed at his eyes. “It’s too early for this.”

                And with that, he left, the elevator sliding shut behind him. Loki took up a leather armchair, a rather large, leather-bound book appearing in his hands already turned to his page. Natasha looked up from the couch, while Bruce and Thor looked on with interest.

                “You aren’t going with him, brother?” Thor ventured to ask.

                “Hm? No,” Loki replied with a small smile. “He needs to sleep.”

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